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Punch Fitness

PUNCH FITNESS understands that the customer's goals comes first. It's our duty to assure that we deliver optimum RESULTS in a clean and friendly atmosphere. Everyone will have the opportunity to work with a certified personal trainer, who all obtain college degrees, and/or at least one national certification. PUNCH FITNESS is determined to go exceedingly, abundantly, above all expectations to assure that the job is done right.

Punch Fitness is the NEWEST and HOTTEST training facility in Westerville Ohio. At Punch Fitness you are provided with the quickest way to drop pounds, gain muscle, shed unwanted body fat and recharge your life with our awesome group of Personal Trainers. Whether you are with your Personal Trainer for a half hour or a full hour, you are delivered PREMIUM service. Personal training at Punch Fitness gives you that chance to be yourself and improve in our NO JUDGEMENT zone facility. So here at Punch Fitness, we offer different types of boxing classes for kids and adults as well as different styles of Personal Training, including dynamic, functional and olympic type exercises, to take clients that needs to gain weight or lose weight, as well as athletes, to the stratosphere of their potential.

Inspired to be the best, we are excited to say that Punch Fitness offers THE BEST 1hour classes of Technique boxing/kickboxing or Cardio Hip Hop Boxing, where you will burn TONS of calories. Not limited to servicing adults, Punch Fitness has 30 minute boxing classes for children as well, ranging from ages 5-12. This is a great activity for children if they're in need of discipline and/or teamwork. Also very beneficial for a child if he/she is overly hyper during night hours or even if he/she could just use a daily activity!

What can Punch Fitness deliver to me?
PROVEN RESULTS (build strength , burn fat, shed inches, and improve your cardiovascular) with Cardio Hip Hop boxing, Kickboxing, Punch Fitness also specializes in TRX Resistance Training and Personal Training as well, with some of the best trainers owning National Certifications and/or college degrees.

Toast to good health, PUNCH IN and support your the HOTTEST fitness center in Central Ohio and PUNCH OUT!!!



You and your entire family can get fit with the lowest prices in Columbus! Finally here, boxing class prices that you and your family can afford and look great together. Start anytime, middle of the month , or even end of the month, doesn't matter, you have 30 days to enjoy relieving that inner stress and get in shape with Family Monthly Unlimited Boxing.

Punch Fitness is now offering "Gift Certificates" for BOXING and PERSONAL TRAINING!!  Stop in today to see all the exciting options available!



Come PUNCH IN and find the new YOU! In one solid hour you will discover muscle in parts of your body that you didnt know exsist! Cardio Hip Hop Boxing AND TECHNIQUE Boxing is meant for YOU! With multiple hooks, upper cuts, left jabs, right jabs, high kicks and low kicks, all while learning new boxing moves! Hands down, this is PUNCH FITNESS' recipe to enhancing your cardiovascular system without irritating knees, backs, and shoulders. Come try a class Monday - Saturday and see what the HOTTEST BUZZ is around town!!! 




Come join the one and only Punch Fitness' boxing/kickboxing for children, as they duke it out on 100lbs heavy bags for an intense 30 minute class! This is design to promote children/teenagers to be active at an early stage in life, and gives them an activity that ALL children can excel in and have fun. Boxing/Kickboxing classes at Punch Fitness are one of a kind incorporating abdominal exercises, sprints, push ups, all while focusing on discipline, self confidence, protecting themselves, improving hand and feet coordination, and building edurance thoughout classes.   



Kids boxing :

Combat School:

4 classes for $11 per class = $44
8 classes for $10 per class = $80
12 classes for $9 per class = $108
Drop In: = $15

Choose Combat Class


Boxing Classes:

Gold - 30 classes $330 ($11.00 a class)
Silver - 20 classes $240 ($12.00 a class)
Bronze - 10 Classes $130 ($13.00 a class)   OR $15 DROP IN! - EXPIRES 90 DAYS
6 month unlimited Boxing: $432 -NO REFUNDS or Freezes
1 year unlimited Boxing: $840 -NO REFUNDS or Freezes

Choose Boxing Class


Kettlebell Kinetics:

4 classes for $11 per class = $44.00
8 classes for $10 per class = $80.00
12 classes for $9 per class = $108.00
DROP IN: $15

Choose Kettlebell Class



Recurring payment of $75 per month will be charged to your account, and you will have access to unlimited boxing classes. NO REFUNDS


TRX Classes:

Medal of Honor - 15 classes $315 ($21 per class)
Distinguished Service - 10 classes $230 ($23.00 a class)
Development Ribbon - 5 Classes $125 ($25.00 a class)    EXPIRES 90 DAYS

Choose TRX Class




                 Punch Fitness

TRX Training 
This Navy SEAL creation is resistance training at its finest, clients will get a chance to engage in individual training and/or small group training to encourage each other while working hard! TRX exercises are for all fitness levels. So, no matter your size, shape, or health condition , TRX training is the most efficient way to get in great shape with out the use of heavy weight on your knees, back, and all other joints!!


               Punch Fitness

Small Group Training 
Experience the chance to train with your friends or family for a group training experience. Everyone will be given their own routine based upon their respective goal. Just bring your towel and water because it’s a group effort and you guy are to push one another to accomplish each session! 


               Punch Fitness

Personal Training 
Personal training is the primary focus of Punch Fitness understanding that boxing classes need muscle confusion and a variety of exercise. This service is offered to you once your body adapts to the Boxing and/or TRX training, you will need to lift and tighten your body. Personal training at Punch Fitness is dedicated to your results and assuring safe and a structure way of delivering it. Come join the fun of Kettle-bell's, Tire flips, Cone drills, speed ladders, mini hurdles, resist-a- bands, jump ropes, Olympic lifts of all kind, and functional/ dynamic training!! 


              Punch Fitness

Cardio Hip-Hop Boxing
Cardio hip-hop boxing is Punch Fitness' signature class, and is a form of boxing mixed with cardio dance moves that excel the rhythm of boxing to make it enjoyable for everyone! This is high intense boxing, while keeping up beat to a variety of songs! So stay on beat and Punch with a small group class and discover what Cardio hip hop boxing can do for you!!

Cardio Technique Boxing 
Cardio Technique Boxing is a class where you get combine learing skills to throw percise punches and multiple combination jabs to get a total body workout. This 60 minute class is where you will discover the skills you thought you knew and find new ways to throw punches under a complete cardio workout. With in 30 minutes you can find muscles in your body that you will surpass you regular workout and reach a new goal. Here you will find the new you, and discover you have what it takes to get in much better shape, along with a mixture of ab exercises and complete body control throwing the best punches you've ever thrown.

Kids Boxing
Kids Boxing is a GREAT way to get your child into fitness at an early age and become more aware of how to protect themselves from bullies and build SELF - CONFIDENCE! Abdominal exercise, push ups, ladder agility, sprints, mini hurdles and jumping jacks are only a portion of this 30 minute blast class! The class will not only improve their posture, but excel your child to become more fit, and will also develop their coordination and agility skills! During class, children will improve their focus for learning through something that is appealing to them with friends they will know for the rest of their life! 
Kids Boxing is the answer for your childs dedication to fitness!


Please call 614.440.2068 to schedule in advance.


COREY LOGAN - Owner/ Personal Trainer/Boxing Instructor/TRX  
I am a certified personal trainer in ACE & NASM with a degree in Specialized Studies from Ohio University (2007). I have been involved in personal training since 2007. On scholarship, playing colligate sports (football), I know exactly what it takes to bring out the BEST in a person's ability.

I specialize in weight loss and athletic training for all ages. My youngest current client is age 4 and my oldest current client is 65. I work with men and women on monthly programs of 1 - 5 sessions a week. I also do PAY-AS-YOU-GO sessions for the SUPER BUSY clients that absolutely cannot commit.

So, whatever your final result is, no matter how big or small, I can TRANSFORM YOU!



Chloe Craig 

I’m an athlete that has struggled with weight pretty much my whole life. There hasn’t been a time that I was considered “healthy” by societies standards. But I just came to the acceptance that I was going to be big my whole life, especially since being a BBW was now a new trend according to Drake! But as I was closing into my 24th birthday, I went shopping for an outfit and I was squeezing into a 26 jean and 3X dresses. I finally got the courage to step on the scale, after about 4 years, and 310 lbs came across the scale. I was in disbelief, in my mind I was still maybe 260 but never in the 300s. So for the first 6 months, I changed my eating habits (high protein/ low carb) and started working out more and I lost 25 lbs by myself. But I was getting discouraged and slowly slipping back into a depression, when one of my friends told me they started boxing and how much they loved it and that I should find a boxing gym in Columbus. So what is the first thing I do, hit up Groupon! I see a deal for a gym called Punch Fitness that is less than 10 mins away, which is right up my alley especially during the winter time! I got the courage and went to the hip hop cardio boxing class and fell in love! It was just what I needed! High intensity and fun! And who doesn’t like to let out all of their daily aggression on a punching bag. I was boxing 6X a week and I started personal training with Corey 3X a week! For the first time in years I was finally feeling happy and healthy. I quit smoking cigarettes after 10 years, my knees and ankles were no longer hurting as much and my attitude had improved dramatically! But I still wasn’t losing how I wanted and we finally tackled the big problem, my eating habits and emotional eating. Pretty much I wasn’t eating enough during the days and whenever something would upset me or stress me out, my stomach would turn into a bottomless pit! But Corey was patient enough with me and we finally got a plan that I was actually able to incorporate into my life without feeling like a rabbit all the time. He taught me about the 80/20 balance and intermittent fasting and those have changed my whole outlook on my new healthy lifestyle. Corey listen to me whine and complain on numerous occasions, but always held me accountable and was my biggest cheerleader! My journey is far from finished, but without Corey and Punch Fitness I wouldn’t have this new found joy that I have today!


April Logan 

I have been working out with Corey since September of 2015. I found that Punch Fitness gives you high intense cardio and personal training. I have always worked out but never changed my way of eating. Corey told me to cut out sugar and bread and as soon as I did I noticed a big change. I have been to Punch Fitness classes and have done personal training now for over 2 and half years and my weight is staying off. My life has forever changed and Im very grateful to have this gym in my local area. My confidence was boosted. I started in 2015 at 270 and now I am at 220. My goal is to continue to work my way to Wonderland, under 200. Come to Punch Fitness for a life changing experience.


Kimberly Ellis - Rhea 

I started my weight loss journey on April 6, 2018. I weighed 196 pounds. Corey started me on his 30 day transformation diet. With the diet and personal training 2 times a week, and boxing classes 6 times a week I was down 15 pounds in 30 days. I continued the diet and I kept consistant with my diet. Before long, it no longer felt like a burden to work out. It is fun and Corey's fun loving, easy going attitude makes the hard days not so bad.

My current weight is 154 pounds and I am so excited to see what is to come. I definitely recommend Punch Fitness. Corey is an amazing trainer and the boxing classes are unlike any other classes anywhere.


Tiffany Bell 

I know this sounds so cliche' but, "If I can do it anyone can." I felt these words 100 + lbs ago when I started my fitness journey at Punch Fitness. I attended boxing 3x per week with the addition of personal training 3 days a week. I cleaned my diet all the way up and only had those foods that bring me joy on Friday night. I eliminated simple sugars and carbs. I ate more veggies, proteins, with complex carbohydrates.

Most people will say, "I can do that on my own or I will workout with my friend because they go to the gym." When I decided to get real with myself, I knew I needed a team. Corey developed a plan that suited my fitness level but pushed me as well. He also kept me accountable and sent reminders of my goals. I would always put myself on the back burner throughout the years but Corey wouldn't allow it once he knew this was important to me. I still struggle but having Punch Fitness has made it easier, enjoyable, and realistic. If you are on the fence of starting your journey drop into a class or join me for personal training. Current weight: 164lbs

Testimonials Testimonials


My journey began when I was forced to purchase a size 16 dress. I was totally devastated to go from a size 8 to a size 16. I have never really enjoyed working out. But, I decided to commit to a lifestyle change which would involve a better diet and an exercise routine.
I joined a local gym, but I found very little success. I hired a trainer who was efficient but she didn’t appear to care about my goals. I was introduced to Corey last year and I immediately had a change in my attitude about exercising. I was very confident in Corey’s abilities to personalize his workout routines to meet my needs.
I met with Corey 3 times a week and he provided me with an exercise plan when I traveled for work. His workout sessions are challenging and difficult. However, he is an awesome motivator and he will encourage doing your best. Punch Fitness is such a great environment for beginners and/or advanced.
Within a year, I went from a size 14 and return to my normal size of 8-10. I accredit my weight lost success to Corey and I would not have been able to accomplish my goal without him. I would recommend and encourage anyone who really wants to make a lifestyle change to contact Corey Logan.  


My whole life, I’ve always been that skinny guy. You know, the one to whom people would say things like, “You need to eat something” or “You should hit the gym sometime.” I always wanted to put on some muscle weight, but the gym can be a very daunting place for a skinny guy, so I avoided it. I have paid for several gym memberships only to let them waste away and not go, afraid of what people would think of me. I Acquired some weights for my home and proceeded to let them gather dust. I wasn’t going to get up early to exercise and when I’d get home from work, there were more excuses. Too hungry, too tired, too many other things to do… the list goes on. I needed a different kind of motivation.
In February of 2013, my wife had been going to Corey’s gym for over a year. She loved it. She tried to get me to go, but I always declined, until one day, I stopped by the gym to meet Corey. I told him about my struggles and about how I wanted to bulk up and feel better about myself. He told me that I came to the right place. I started my personal training with Corey in March of 2013 and one year later I am seeing amazing results. My before and after photos tell the story better than I can even try to in words. Corey’s confidence in me helped me gain confidence in me. He pushed me harder than I ever could myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. I have actually gotten to the point where I can’t wait to go to the gym… I have no intention of quitting now and can’t wait to see my after photos next year! Thank you Corey more than you’ll ever know




My journey with Corey began on Valentine's Day 2012.  I was sick and tired of being too winded to walk from my car to the entrance of my workplace.  I was tired of having no energy to do much of anything other than zone out in front of the computer.  And I was REALLY tired of trying and failing to find clothes to fit my short (5'1), fat (199lbs) body.  Everything I bought had to be taken up in the hem, because clothing for people of my height didn't take into account how wide I really was!  I saw the great results my coworker, Millie, was getting from Punch Fitness, so I thought I'd give it a try.  But I also resolved that if this didn't work I was finally going to give up trying to lose weight and just stay fat forever, you name it, I'd tried it already.  I practically dared Corey to turn me away, telling him I was 65 years old, had a bad back and bad knees.  But he actually seemed excited about transforming me into a fit person, so I got excited too.

Corey told me I was in the "Danger Zone" category for a woman my age, and I already knew this---my doctor reminded me of that every time I saw him.  But it made me all the more determined to do whatever Corey told me to do.  He gave me a diet to follow and we started off our training fairly easily at first.  By the end of the first week I'd already lost 2 pounds.  But he always pushed me to do a little more, a little heavier.  The pounds continued to come off. And finally, by April I was ready to trade in the treadmill for boxing.

The fist time I took a boxing class I was hooked and knew I'd found the perfect exercise for me.  The sound of my fist hitting that bag is music to my ears!  Even after a tough bout of training, I get renewed when I'm boxing!  When I first got through the ab section of class without wimping out I practically floated to my car, I was so happy!

I have since lost 40 pounds, and I intend to go the distance and lose the rest of the weight I need to get off.  I have gone from bursting out of a "Petite Extra Large" to a "Petite Medium", and I'll very soon be in a "Petite Small".  What's truly fun is now shopping for clothes off the rack and have them slide right on and fit great!  I have a pair of "tester jeans" that I couldn't get up over my hips when I started training.  But I put them on this past weekend and discovered they are now much too large!  I no longer take blood pressure medicine and am free of a lot of the aches and pains I once had.  My back issues are gone, and my knees are much improved.

Believe me, no one is too heavy, too old or too unfit to benefit from what Punch Fitness has to offer.  I'm living proof!  I'm doing things I never dreamed I'd ever be capable of doing and loving it.  It's never too late! 


Hello, my name is Anthony Imondi. I am currently an 8th grade student at Blendon middle school. The sports I play are football and basketball. Most my life I've been a little over weight and never fully satisfied with my body, but that all changed when I came to Punch Fitness for the first time. My first visit to Punch was with my mom in the first week of December. What I remember from that first training session is, I needed to change to become the athlete I want to become someday. So my mother scheduled me for my first personal training session and never looked back.

            Going to see Corey has really changed my life. Corey has taught me things not just for sports but for life, such as proper nutrition and workouts. I've never been around someone that has pushed me and gotten me to work like Corey has. Ever since I started going to Corey, I  began running everyday and properly dieting. At first, I always thought the dieting would be hard because I've never done it before, but with the belief and motivation Corey showed me, I knew I couldn't let him down. Since going to Corey, I have lost 28 pounds, a total of 12 inches, and have become a lot stronger, and faster; I've gone from always being one of the slowest on my teams to one of the faster kids on my basketball team. I am so thankful of Corey because he has brought a whole new person out of me. Without Corey, I couldn't imagine what I would look like right now. I look to continue to get stronger and faster visiting Corey. I also am so thankful for my mother, who has paid for my sessions to get to where I am now. My goal as I continue to work is to be a Division 1 football star and make it big in the National Football league.


A good friend of mine (Erin) invited me to attend a cardio kickboxing class at “Punch Fitness” in January 2012. At the time I was out of shape, tired and my diet was out of control. I belonged to a larger gym that was very impersonal, and I found myself only going a couple times a week. I was basically doing the same exercises over several months with no results. After my first cardio kickboxing class at “Punch Fitness” I knew that this was a better fit for what I needed to accomplish my goals. My husband Don had been telling me for a long time that when I found the right gym and trainer that I would find the success that I wanted. I love the classes very much and find that they are very therapeutic stress reliever for me and I feel incredible after everytime I finish a class. After I built up some confidence I started training with Corey and he gave me a diet plan to follow for a month, which over that time I discovered that I had a couple of food allergies (dairy and gluten) which I eliminated from my diet. Corey also had different weight routines for me everytime I came in for a workout session with him, and in combination with boxing classes and a proper diet it has changed my entire physique. I’m now running 10 miles a week with Corey’s help, which I never thought would be possible before now, and he has pushed me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of before coming to “Punch Fitness” and training with him.

Thanks to Corey, I have made significant improvements in my cardiovascular health as well as increased strength and stamina. I have so much more energy than I have ever had in my life and I’ve dropped 10% bodyfat in 3 months and have had to buy a new wardrobe because of dropping so many inches. I would recommend “Punch Fitness” to anyone needing to lose weight or tone up. Thank you Corey and everyone that works out at “Punch Fitness” for being so supportive in helping me achieve my goal.


I started training with Corey about 2yrs ago and it only lasted about 1month. I was not focused at all. I would always tell Corey "No I can't do that" and I was not willing to push myself at all. With this being said, I quickly got frustrated because I was not seeing results due to my lack of really wanting it.

Well, 3 months ago, I had some changes in my life and realized I needed to do more for not only myself, but for the fact that my entire family has Diabetes and I do not want to see myself in the same situation they are in! I was tired of being overweight and feeling down on myself and not having the self confidence. I got back in touch with Corey and told him I was really ready to do this. I now see Corey 2 times a week. Since getting back with Corey in the last 3 months, I have lost 23 pounds and about 20 inches!

My attitude has changed drastically and I walk with a little more pep in my step! I go in to each training session with an open mind and knowing that I am not going to leave anything on the table and make sure I give it my all in those 30 minutes! Corey has also made me realize that it is not going to happen overnight and by doing extra work on my own. I do cardio for 1hr a day at minimum of 5 days a week. Since losing the weight and inches, I feel AMAZING!

I may not want to work out and give it my all in my sessions, but I can tell you this……I no longer tell Corey “No I can't do that”. Corey has been the best thing that has happened to me. He is always pushing me to do more than I think I can. He keeps you on track and makes sure you reach the goal you want to achieve! I have so much more joy and confidence with my life and I owe it to Corey for keeping me focused.

Thank you for giving me life back Corey!!!!


To: Those interested in a healthy body

In my opinion, there are three ingredients to a healthy body. These ingredients are desire, dedication, and support for a routine to accomplish ones goal.

Desire and dedication are self inposed and can be initiated by several inner intellectual motivators including, but not limited to, health ills, clothes size, physique, and others.

However, to be successful in accomplishing a healthy body one must seek support from a trusted source from outside self. To be blunt, you cannot, in my opinion, do it yourself.

My support source was Corey Logan, a professional educated personal trainer. Mr. Logan possesses the major qualities to be legitimately known as a professional trainer. First, he accepts his clients "as they are" emotionally and physically, allowing them to feel important to him and to their individual desire to accomplish a healthy body. He designs a physical regimen pertaining to clients as individuals. He did just that for me. He made me comfortable with a course of action specifically appropriate for my age and body condition.

Also, Mr. Logan is obviously very well educated. He has studied at the college level and has obtained appropriate diplomas and licenses for his craft. This personal accomplisment on his part establishes a confidence within his clients about being assisted by an experienced, knowledgable, and credentialed trainer.

In addition, Mr. Logan's teaching ability is like no other. He teaches the intent of each physical activity introduced improve specific muscle structure. He demostrates the apporpriate use of the activity and comfortably supervises the client as they initiate action within the activity. He continuously provides feedback and encouragement. This attitude and action on his part enhances motivation for clients to continue. He will not allow a client to "give up" however, he accomplishes this feat via genuine concern for the individual. He did this for me. He complimented my physical successes, he recognized me as an individual, he was always cordial, and I grew to view him as a professional friend.

I no longer have high blood pressure and NO MORE INSULIN. Not to mention, having two knee replacements, I'm now 77 years old and haven't been in better shape my entire life.

Thank you Mr. Logan, I can now physically take care of my wife and myself better than I ever could. 


Before meeting Corey, I was an unhappy, unhealthy person who had just gotten "comfortable" with being the bigger girl. In high school, I was a four sport athlete playing soccer, ice hockey, swimming and softball so I was constantly active. A couple years after graduating college I made a career change and went from doing a lot of activity during the day to barely any. That combined with the lack of healthy eating, I gained quite a bit of weight in just a few years. I kept telling myself it was okay because obesity ran in my family and both of my parents had had weight loss surgery just a few years before. I didn't think my weight gain was a problem until I went back to see my friends from college. The weekend that I was there, things were different and a couple of my friends seemed embarrassed to be seen with me. On the way back home, after carrying Corey's business card around with me for 4 months, I finally gave in and called. My first appointment with Corey I weighed in at my heaviest, 180 pounds.

My first session with Corey was an eye opening experience. I had gone from an athlete to feeling like I was going to puke after 20 minutes of working out. The next few days after the first session, I have NEVER ever been so sore in my life, but I knew that meant it had to be working. I went back session after session and the “day after workout soreness” went away pretty quickly. I began to LOVE coming to each session because I started seeing results pretty fast. After just the first month I lost 10 pounds and 12 inches and it continued to fall off. Corey helped me turn working out back into being fun. The first hour of cardio he told me I had to do was brutal and now I am constantly trying to find new ways to get an hour of cardio in whether it be Spinning class, kick boxing, or just the regular cardio equipment.

After just a few months with Corey, I was down 40 pounds and countless inches. I still have a little way to go but I know I can do it. Corey was able to change not only the way I looked, but the way I felt about myself. I have a new way of life and a new attitude about working out and I owe that to Corey. The knowledge, strength and encouragement that he gave me was one of a kind.




I started Punch January 2012, loved the feeling and the killer workout! I have met alot of amazing people, working out has always been my release.  I have had boxing gloves on since I was a year old.  My dad always had us boxing, it came natural. So the music, lured me in, and there was Corey. However I didn't change my diet and I was wondering why I was doing so much cardio, always hungry, and not losing weight.  My friends Cinda and Suzanne said lifting waits was the key.  So I started weight watchers in January of 2016 with my cousin.  I began watching my portions and concentrated on clean eating and started weight training.  It was all about the consistency.  For the first time in my life I am being consistent and happier than ever. I love the feeling I get when I am done with boxing class, makes me want to shop for new clothes~~


I met Corey in 2009 at Urban Active. First time I have ever used a personal trainer, but had been successfully working out at a small gym that closed. I of course lost weight, but I have a tendency to lose a certain amount and let it slowly come back as evidenced by the sizes of clothes in my closet. It is not due to lack of exercise,  as I have consistently exercised for the last 10 yrs, jogging, walking, biking and cardio hip hop.  But in October, I had the gumption to refocus and have lost 20 lbs.  My goal is to lose another 15lbs.  I have really tried to manage my diet because that is truly the key.  You can exercise til the cows come home, but if you are eating the cow, you will look like that cow.  I have since  joined weight watchers though my big issue is journaling.  I am a work in progress, but can't wait to be even thinner in Aruba when I celebrate another bday and another year of health.


Over three years ago, I began a journey to redefine myself.....I had already started living healthier at that point in my life and had incorporated some healthy habits in my life (i.e. eating balanced/healthy meals, quit smoking, no alcohol/drugs, exercising, placing an emphasis on getting enough quality sleep each day, changing my attitude about my body, etc) but I hit a plateau in all areas of my life and began to feel defeated and depressed. Then I found running and Punch Fitness! I didn't think someone "my size" would be accepted or encouraged to be amongst the running community of tall, thin, experienced runners. But, oh, how wrong I was! The running community is diverse and open to all experience levels and I found a new love....running! But something was still missing. My training schedule required at least two days of 'cross-training' and typically that consisted of mediocre attempts at doing some weight lifting and/or using the elliptical or stationary bicycle or walking. But my running times/endurance did not seem to increase or change for the better. I began to feel frustrated. Then one day at work, in our Fitness Center, we had a demonstration of boxing by Corey Logan of Punch Fitness and he invited us to visit his gym for a complete body and cardio workout that was fun and non-intimidating! So I did.....and it was one of the best decisions I could have made in regards to my overall health and fitness, as well as, the added boost I needed to increase my running times and endurance! Corey is friendly, inviting and knowledgeable but also pushes individuals to go beyond the limits of their body and/or minds! After committing to regular Punch Fitness attendance, within only a few weeks, I began to notice differences in my body and my self-esteem and confidence. And by the time I ran my second full marathon last Fall (26.2 mile race), I was able to shave 23 minutes off my last full marathon time and feel great at the end of the race! Punch Fitness is exactly what I needed to boost my running skills but also boost my psyche and how I approach life.....and lastly, it's a great place to work out any frustrations or anger! Thank you Corey and all the Punch Fitness members for welcoming and accepting me and helping me grow into the person I have always wanted to be!


My journey began 3 years ago when a friend invited me to Punch Fitness. I didnt think the group fitness thing would be something i would continue to do, but after my first class, I knew I was coming back. There are no judgments here and great relationships are built with the members. Corey's positivity and encouragement keeps me coming back. Maintaining a consistent die, making sound desicions when it comes to nutrition has me feeling great and shopping more now! I get excited to shop for new clothes and Im no longer afraid of what won't fit, because things I thought would never fit, FITS! The Cardio Hip Hop Boxing classes is my happy safe and stress reliever, so NOTHING gets in the way of that. I so glad I found Punch Fitness! Next photo you see of me, ill be even better!


My journey with Corey Logan and Punch Fitness actually began with a word of mouth recommendation from my sister who had met Corey in his early days working as a personal trainer at Infinity.  My son injured both hamstrings participating in high school track and we needed someone to rehabilitate him so he wouldn’t miss a day of football conditioning. Corey brought Josh through a program and within six weeks he was back to full strength.  It was from this experience that I sought Corey out after my annual physical results.
I received my numbers and at 5 feet 11 inches and it started by being too short for my 209 lb scale tip.  I received other bad news, my cancer screening PSA numbers were off the chart, my kidney numbers were bad along with high ldlcholesterol and high uric acid. I knew my health was on the line and from what I knew about Corey and his work with my son, I had to start a training regiment at Punch Fitness. I worked through a year of personal training, cardio boxing sessions and adjusted my eating habits with the guidance of Corey.  At my next physical, I had lost 10 lbs but even better, all of my blood test numbers were in the acceptable ranges.  After results like that, you don’t quit a good thing.  At year two, I lost another 10 lbs and my blood work continues to improve and has moved to the middle of all acceptable ranges.  I’ve also run a couple of endurance/obstacle races these last couple of years.  There’s no better place to invest in your health than Corey Logan’s Punch Fitness.


I was invited by a friend to visit Punch Fitness on Dec 15th 2015. I have been a member since. I am addicted. I had no idea how out of shape and overweight I truely was. Everyone had always told me: you look good; you're not big; etc. Please! I got to test my skills on December 15th, 2015 and could not move for the next 2 days.

Since that day, I have been on my journey to improve my health, fitness and eating habits. I have lost over 25 lbs. I have gone down 4 dress sizes, reduced my body fat percentage and even increased my muscle mass. 

I love the family feel of the gym. I love the way we are pushed to excel and achieve our goals. The music helps to keep me pushing myself as well. Last but not least, I can't leave out the leader of the crew, Corey Logan. Awesome trainer! 


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